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What is Swedish Swency?

The collection of the most frequently used Swedish phrases and sentences with audio files and digital, interactive exercises.
By completing the  exercises, you learn phrases and sentences easily.
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Check out our trial lesson here. Read the short, focused grammar summary,  listen to the audio files, complete the exercises.
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Swedish Swency is built on 4 pillars:


In our lessons, we provide you with complete phrases and sentences together with their audio files!

Did you know that the newest research clearly shows that learning only words alone is a mistake? Phrases imprint more easily on our brains than sole words!


Learn only what you definitely need!

In our lessons, we guarantee that you practise only the phrases and words that are most often used in everyday life.


We explain grammar clearly, concisely and with sharp focus, so you understand it easily. It is a complement to the exercises and help your learning.

Focus and simplicity are the key words!


In each lesson, you receive 90-200 digital, interactive on-line exercises together with audio files. You can access these anytime  with a smartphone, tablet or computer. While completing the exercises, you easily learn the correct use of complete phrases and sentences.

What is Swency Online Swedish Practice?

Swency is where you can practice Swedish language patterns. In our lessons, we provide you with ready-to-use, complete phrases and sentences.

What is a language pattern?

There are several different methods to learn a language. Every one of them is efficient, though their level of efficiency is different. There are methods with which you will not speak fluently even after years, while with others you experience substantial changes within only a few weeks. Unfortunately, we are many who are unsuccessful language-learners because we were taught unsuccessful methods in school.

We were taught unsuccessful methods in school.

Can you remember how it was? We learnt words. We wrote them into our ‘dictionary note book’ and drilled them in. Then the tests came and we were quizzed on those words. We felt marvellous, we knew all of those words properly, but we had no clue how to compile a correct sentence out of them.

It is one step improvement if you study words like “yellow banana”, since you learn 2 words at the same time; but you still do not learn a language pattern. However, when you memorise complete sentences, you learn grammar as well and will remember later what type of grammar and preposition you used in that sentence. Not to mention the chance of improving your vocabulary faster!

Language patterns:

You know how to build a passive structure: Skadorna har reparerats. = The damages have been repaired.
Or you are aware which tense you should use, how to build your sentence or which preposition you need to use: Filmen visas på bio till slutet på maj. = The film is shown at the cinema till the end of May.

According to the latest research, one learns a language much faster by learning complete phrases and sentences, that is, language patterns, than using the ‘old’ methods. You will be able to speak more fluently faster and your listening skills will be much better, too, because you will be able to recognise which words are clipped or not said out loud at all in a sentence.

“Absolutely! This is completely true! This is the most effective and efficient learning method. Not necessarily the quickest, it varies from person to person. But definitely this is the only way to learn a language properly. This way, you start thinking in the new language right away and you do not try to squeeze the foreign words into your native language’s grammar and logic. But! You should know that this method is not yet widespread in the world. In many countries, students are still expected to learn and are tested on vocabulary.  Sadly this less effective and efficient method is still being used by many teachers even in the SFI (Svenska För Invandrare – Swedish For Immigrants; Sweden’s official language course for all new residents) So keep going Swency!”

Kamilla György

Universitetslektor, Stockholm University

What do our students say?

Super exercises

“These full sentences help me a lot! During conversations, I remember and can create my own sentences much faster. The exercises are put together superbly, as they come back as many times as I need them so that they practically get imprinted on my brain.”

Anita K.


Fun, efficient

“I started practicing and was very curious about the structure of the lessons. The material is prepared thoroughly with high care and quality; it is both much fun and very efficient! One simply cannot escape gaining knowledge :).

Vali R.


Easy to use

“I am satisfied with this learning method, as my vocabulary is growing much faster than learning only the words alone. Easy to use, and with the help of the grammar parts, Swedish can be learned easily.

Anikó T.


For whom have we created Swency Online Swedish Practice?

Students who are starting again, who have already studied Swedish, but may have gotten distracted and want to pick it up again, as having difficulties with speaking fluently and/or correctly.
Students on an intermediate level who want to create a secure grammatical base for their Swedish and want to extend their vocabulary.
Beginner students who study in groups or take private lessons and want to have a fun and easy extra online practice, a supplement to their teacher-led sessions.
For teachers
holding Swedish courses, both private lessons or teach groups and are looking for new, fun, ready-made practice material both during their lessons  and for individual studies after sessions. We even have an affiliate program!


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