Lesson 18

Min dotter kammar sig.

My daughter is combing her hair.

Min son tvättar sig.

My son is washing himself.

Jag klär på mig snabbt.

I get dressed quickly.

Har du gift dig?

Have you gotten married?

Nej, inte än, men vi har förlovat oss.

No, but we’re engaged.

Olle rakar inte sig varje morgon.

Olle doesn’t shave every morning.

Kan ni koncentrera er på filmen, tack?

Concentrate on the movie please.

Oroa dig inte, de kan roa sig en kort stund.

Don’t worry, they can enjoy themselves for a short while.

You find the workbooks on the following site: https://student.swency.com/

Please, use Google Chrome browser! Thank you!

On the top, at the right-hand corner, change the language to Swedish – just to practise the language.

Ange koden  = insert the code,

och ditt namn = and your name then click on the “Ladda uppgifter” button (Worksheet Loading) and now you have already started practising.

You can copy the codes quickly, if you click in the number itself. Then you can paste it into the code field of the practice site.
Here  come the code to each worksheet. Please, work through them in the order as they are listed below.
First set of exercises
  1. Kod: 73162076 Lesson 18 / Quiz 1/A
  2. Kod: 26761750 Lesson 18 / Quiz 1/B
  3. Kod: 40033717 Lesson 18 / Test 1/A
  4. Kod: 52590356 Lesson 18 / Test 1/B
  5. Kod: 70706029 Lesson 18 / From English to Swedish 1.


Have you finished?

Congratulations! Well done!

You have done a lot this week for improving your Swedish!